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However Cooper produced transcripts saying that on the Mercury flight he never saw anything.When you have admitted seeing UFOs once perhaps other details of when and where often become less significant.Humans have only in the last 60 years had the technology to launch a man-made object into space so what is the logical explanation of tales of an alien intruder on our doorstep?The Tesla Transmissions The first apparent part of this story begins with signals heard by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) a brilliant Serbian inventor (and described by many thanks to his often eccentric behaviour and opinions as a genuine who spent most of his career in the USA.Neither the Americans nor the Soviets had the ability to place an object into any kind of an orbit at that time.

The crew achieved all objectives of their mission including installing hand-rails and testing a safety device to prevent astronauts drifting into space should they become detached. Initial alignment of the modules did not quite work so as the Shuttle’s robotic arm loosened its grip to try again, several items floated away including the thermal blanket covering, which is the mysterious-looking image captured in the photo.Its origin and purpose are inscrutable, dubbed the “Black Knight” this elusive satellite has allegedly been beaming signals towards the Earth and inspected by NASA astronauts yet only a few on Earth officially know of its existence.The origin of the ominous name is part of the enigma; it is impossible to discover who first called it this or indeed why.Miraculously by plotting the delay times against the order in which the echoes were received he could create what appeared to be star charts and diagrams.By deciphering them but nevertheless the name Black Knight is never mentioned by him; nor has he personally linked his Epsilon Böotes hypothesis with the Black Knight, others seem to be responsible for this.

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Tesla was not hearing the signals from pulsars though and was completely unaware of the nature of what he had really detected (if indeed he picked up anything at all).

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