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After seven years in office building a bulwark against his opponents by loading pivotal posts with his cronies – and avoiding answering charges of corruption and fraud – the leader of the ANC may yet stand trial These are dark days for South Africa.

His testimony was contradictory and without basis in fact or in law.” Zuma appointed Mo Shaik – the brother of his financial adviser, who had been convicted of corruption – as head of the secret service and Anwar Dramat as head of the new Hawks priority crimes unit.

The President himself isn’t doing too badly, either.

Months after the finance minister delivered a draconian austerity budget, the defence minister confirmed in May that the purchase will go ahead of a shining new presidential jet, whose value has been estimated at £1.75m.

It was a golden opportunity for Zuma to seize control of a range of pivotal institutions by placing political loyalty above competence.

Keenly aware that he could still be brought to book for corruption in the future, Zuma set about establishing a shadow security state that would undermine the independence of the police and prosecutors.

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A year later, Mbeki was removed from the presidency by the ruling party and Kgalema Motlanthe, a leader thought to occupy the middle ground, was installed for eight months.

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