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In last weekend’s ‘Life Magazine, founder of Intro Matchmaking Rena Maycock spoke to the Irish Independent about the potential pitfalls of dating in the digital age and the less than fairytale phenomenon of the internet troll…“They are the nastiest phenomenon of the social-networking generation and their growth and influence shows no sign of abating.Symptomatic, perhaps, of a disturbing new chapter of this vitriolic bile was the recent ‘Slane Girl’ incident, which saw vile photographs posted on various social-networking websites, cataloguing her involvement in a number of public sex acts. According to clinical psychotherapist Joanna Fortune, the internet age is creating an epidemic loss of empathy in entire generations.Disgusting comments on her behaviour followed, as well as enthusiastic naming and shaming of her online. “The degree of empathy that gets lost online is phenomenal,” she explains.The most recent Ask.fm-related suicide was that of 14-year-old British schoolgirl Hannah Smith, who hanged herself in her bedroom in August, after months of being targeted by trolls who explicitly encouraged her to kill herself.On the night before Hannah Smith was buried, Scottish 17-year-old Daniel Perry jumped to his death from a bridge outside Edinburgh, apparently as a result of an internet blackmail campaign.There was that sense of mob mentality, which is very easy for people to get swept up in, and people were joining in, probably from various parts of the world.I suppose the game element or crowd element probably never really went away, but there was something very distinctive about it.

“They can’t because, to get a bit scientific, the part of the brain that weighs up consequences and measures right and wrong, allowing us to make good decisions, isn’t fully developed until we’re in our 20s.But, for younger generations, social media is not just a tool of communication, but a virtual social scene, where friendships are made, played out and, in some circumstances, irrevocably broken.“The average age that a child gets their first smartphone now is seven and a half years,” explains psychotherapist Joanna Fortune.By the Friday of it, and over the weekend, it felt almost like a frenzy.” “T his Perez one just needs a good smashing up the arse and she’ll be fine,” wrote one of her more mild abusers.The bile Caroline received, which included vivid descriptions of sexual violence and murder threats, continued 24/7, reaching a fever pitch with the publication of what some posters believed to be Caroline’s home address. “It has really done me no favours as far as my mental health goes.

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“However, the piece of the brain that has developed ver y well i n our young adolescence is that impulse-seeking desire drive.

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