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A fifth-generation Mormon, Lisa’s exposure to people with different beliefs was extremely limited. “Especially in Utah, it is expected that your social life be restricted to your church and family,” she says.

That culture instilled in Lisa the highest goal: a temple marriage.

Slowly, I started to see little bits of truth.” One of the more difficult issues that confronted Lisa was the notion that she was sinful and in need of divine forgiveness—a Christian teaching that sharply contradicts Mormon doctrine.

“If you tell a Mormon that he’s sinful,” Lisa explains, “that’s about the most offensive thing you could say.” The significance behind her words is rooted in the Mormon worldview.

But Lisa also believed that someday she would be a god.

The best way to date someone who’s Mormon is to respect their beliefs and guidelines.

Eat healthier and avoid alcohol and tobacco so you and the other person have similar lifestyles.

But the summer after her high-school graduation, she decided that the University of Utah would provide more opportunities to compete, so she enrolled there instead.

In her freshman year at college, Lisa began dating a Christian baseball player named Gary.

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