Getting wife to start dating again

So, I really never told her that I would like to see her with another woman.But girls know that is what men but there was no way Sally would ever do anything like that. We live in a nice suburban town, I don't want to say where because I want to keep some things private. Our sex life when we first started dating was hot and heavy. I'm pretty muscular, not too tall and pretty much average sized dick (if you really wanted to know that).I was wondering how far the girls were going to go, maybe that was it and then maybe Sally would let me have sex with Kitty. Hairy pussies are so sexy, from what I hear they are coming back in style. Kitty took off the rest of her clothes and got on top of Sally. Sally then said words that I never though I would ever hear her say, "Now I want to fuck you Kitty. " It didn't take a second for Kitty to get into position and now my wife had her tongue in Kitty's asshole and plunging it in and out as fast and deep as she could go. But, then curiosity got the better of me and I covertly followed them in. If only we had better communication skills (and I guess that is why our counselor has me writing this story). " Next, Kitty laid down in the tub but she directed Sally to piss in her mouth.That would be the best present ever since I had the hots for her ever since I met her. Sally was grabbing Kitty's ass and grinding into her. Kitty then pushed Sally down on the bed and pulled her jeans off. By this time I got my pecker out and was rubbing it down. " I only heard my wife say that to me once or twice in our marriage but now it was so hot to see Kitty biting and pulling on Sally's nipples. Sally then yelled out, "Stick you tongue in my cunt and tongue fuck me! Sally was pushing her groin into Kitty's face and grabbing her head and grinding away at Kitty's mouth. I'm going to eat you out like nobody has ever done before. They left the bathroom door open just a crack, enough for me to see what they were doing. I expected to see one of them sitting on the toilet but Sally was laying down in the bathtub and Kitty was standing over her. Kitty must have saved up for a month because she pissed like a race horse. I never saw anybody do this before except in porn movies.Sally had on sexy lace underwear but Kitty tore those off of her in one move. I didn't want to come too soon so I was trying not to do more than keep it as hard as possible. Normally you would think that it would hurt but I guess when a girl is really turned on it must feel good. Withing a minute Sally was coming and coming like I never heard her come before. Sally was fingering her cunt and then she told Kitty, "Piss on me. " Kitty squatted over her and Sally opened the lips of her pussy and Kitty let go a stream of piss right into Sally's open hole. All over Sally, and Sally was loving it, rubbing her clit while the piss ran over her pussy. Sally had one hand in her cunt and the other grabbing her tit so hard and pulling on the nipple until it looked like it was going to come off. Sally let loose a stream of piss and Kitty swallowed all of it.Up to this point the girls were quiet except for their moaning but now Sally started to tell Kitty what to do. While Kitty was doing this Sally was fingering her clit like crazy. Sally reach behind her and was finger fucking Kitty while she was pissing on her and it wasn't long before Kitty came too.

We rarely fought and had everything we wanted in the way of material possessions.I often would grab them and that would usually get me off.After I came, I would eat her out and she usually came too.I never thought I'd be telling anybody about our sex life, never mind on a sex web site but believe it or not our marriage counselor suggested that it would be therapeutic. Well, I guess I'll tell you a little about myself and my lovely wife Sally. Sally hasn't initiated sex in years and often when I asked her if we could that night she would say she was tired but we could tomorrow. We would have sex about once a week if I begged and pleaded enough.

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