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With the success of internet dating sites I felt the same concept could be applied to dance partnering. Not a dating site per se, but patterned after them, a dancer can enter their profile: dance styles, experience, height, weight, age, postal code, photos, etc.

Ken is excited about the rapid growth of this project and looks forward to what the future may hold. As a dancer of 15 years, one common problem I noticed for myself and friends over the years was the frustration we all shared in finding an appropriate dance partner.

It is a comprehensive and easy to use website where dancers are able to find partners in all styles of dancing.

As a competitive dancer, Ken Greer realized the difficulties in finding and connecting with a dance partner.

These are 25 Online Dating Sites You Want No Part Of.

Join dance Scape for our FUN “Speed Dancing” Parties for Singles Only.

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The evening will begin with a fun dance lesson that will be taught in segments where you will also be learning with different partners.

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