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Aside from the plot of unraveling in Spanish on the small drop-down movie screens, the experience on board the air-conditioned bus wasn’t really all that foreign.

Outside, however, a chaotic, pulsing meld of movement and color unfolded.

But we arrived safely at a transfer hub, Pochutla, by early morning light, hailed a taxi, and headed west into the jungle to Zipolite.

There, along the coast, just about everything is open-air and organic.

Well, the dice, and the fact that Mexico probably isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to road trips.The Great Pyramid of Cholula is actually one of the largest pyramids in the world, and a marketplace winds upward from the base of the pyramid to the top, where the towers of a Catholic church are open to the public. After a short time back in Puebla, my exploration continued south by bus to Oaxaca City.After haggling over textiles and snacking on (toasted grasshoppers), we rounded out the day with La Casa del Mixote’s mole poblano, and mezcal (of course) at San Pedrito, a bar packed with trendy young Mexicans. A four-hour ride took us through craggy mountains, remote villages, valleys, and a pink-hued sunset.It can’t go unsaid that despite every safety lecture I received, and despite this being my first time in Latin America, I never felt threatened or unsafe as the trip unfolded from city to city.In fact, getting around Mexico alone on the road is easier than ever.

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While skipping the swanky resorts of the Mayan Riviera and opting instead to explore the country’s roads by bus and car may sound unconventional—and perhaps unwise for a solo female traveler—the result was entirely worth it: In addition to basking in those classic road-trip vibes, I managed to catch a glimpse of Mexico, unfiltered. Wandering through the hot airport just after my arrival, those lectures I’d sat though back home on every possible scary scenario started ringing in my ears.

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