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In 2014/15, Darin will be co-instructing new Legal Information Technology courses at two law Canadian law schools.Darin also sits on the board of the Justice Education Society, a Vancouver-based organization that carries out public legal education and information activities, justice reform and capacity building programs in British Columbia and in several jurisdictions outside Canada.

Furthermore, as the Ontario experience shows, it is simply not necessary.The latitude to be given to that party in exercising such discretion will be informed by the wording of the condition.were unrelated to conditions precedent, the court recognized two important principles applicable to all contracts.ODR certainly can pose challenges for mediators accustomed to non-verbal cues like body language, facial expressions, or tone of voice in F2F sessions.But the broad rejection of ODR’s capacity to support the social and emotional aspects of conflict resolution misses some key points: Looking ahead, technology will be used more and more for resolving our disputes, whether or not we agree that ODR is capable of handling social interactions and emotion.

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