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Upper right hand corner – We have attractive and nice types, the Captain America’s of the world.Lower right hand corner – You have the attractive and not nice, for example that attractive mug shot guy. Fact 1.) I think we can all agree attractive people are more desirable right? Fact 2.) “Nice” people are also more desirable to date, and to marry.The NEXT post (maybe, depending on how much you hate this one) will hope to explain why they are, and can be assholes.

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We all have that moment, and that moment is a natural emotional reflex of compromising.

It’s completely normal to rationalize and compromise, at least initially (granted I’m an engineer who writes an online dating blog and I know nothing about normal human interactions).

In fact, if you are currently in a relationship with where one of you is an attractive male, congratulations, you MAY HAVE hit the “attractive” and “nice” guy jackpot.

So then, if attractive and nice guys are in relationships, then what’s left in the dating pool? Or are you currently screaming at your computer scream about how wrong my assumptions and math are? A lot of my single female friends give me insights into their dating lives and ask for input, help or opinions.

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And so the common theme was, yes, most of these guys are attractive.

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