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Topics include, but are not limited to, African-American/Race issues in the U. Unpublished finding aid available in the repository.

Collected activism ephemera files, publications, correspondence, protest flags, calendars, ephemera and posters.

AEGIS provided self-published and other materials to transgendered individuals, families of transgendered people, allies, doctors with transgendered clients, and others seeking information, and published In April 1998 AEGIS ceased operations and in January 2000 reformed as Gender Education & Advocacy (GEA). It carried out its activities on a local and regional scale, focusing mainly on the cases of foreign-born individuals residing in the area, but also lending attention and support to the activities and causes of the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born (q.v.) itself, including conferences, cases, and publications.

The correspondence, articles, essays, plays, and other materials that make up this group cover a wide variety of topics, but the subjects best represented are labor, anarchism, and the Spanish Civil War. A free-lance writer and investigative journalist known for his involvement in civil liberties and espionage cases, Reuben was the author of (1956). German philosopher, writer, and leader in religious and political liberalism. The letters concern Heinzen's writings, the and finally their merger, and the situation of social democrats in Prussia in 1890. Contains reports and information packets from the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), the Namibian Churches Information and Monitoring Service, and the United Nations. Steiner, a conscientious objector, was drafted into the army during WWI and imprisoned for refusing military orders. We acquired this valuable collection from Stewart in 2006. The collection consists of arrest papers, trial transcripts, correspondence to the prosecutor, Harry Brodbar, news clippings, and photographs relating to the case. Amsden, which tell of his activities in organizing reform groups, editing the , and living cooperatively on a California ranch.

"Life is good, life is bad, life is all that we have, life ain't easy. Oh, no."The first time "Batman" called me, I had just arrived at Arts, Eats and Beats in Fondren. Frank has made our city more of a war zone than any "Batman" could. Oh, I forgot, that's Smiley's (Christopher Walker) job.

I ran into the stairwell so I could hear the soft-spoken man, 33, who was acquitted earlier this month of ordering the murder of Aaron Crockett in 2000. When photographer Renee Reedy and I arrived at Freddie Young's cave-like studio close to 9 p.m., Donelson quickly emerged, telling us we could not disclose the studio's location as we got to the door, a small video camera peering down at us. I can't stand his practices of calling the press up to his home on the hill, like he is the Messiah! I was at Batman's trial, the whole 5 days, and the stories told by the so called witnesses didn't even add up.

A significant communist organization, MG owed its origins to the Rote Zellen (Red Cells) of the 1968 student movement, and was the precursor of the publishing house Gegenstandpunkt Verlag. Also in the scrapbook are newspaper clippings and other papers concerning Menz's unsuccessful campaign for alderman from Detroit's Tenth Ward and a copy of a constitution and bylaws of the Society of Journeymen Stonecutters of Detroit, 1887. Collection includes newsletters, circulars, bulletins and other documents regarding changes to the Selective Service System. There are a few items on women's reform activism, including a biographical sketch and a 1901 essay by feminist Kate Austin; a 1920 letter by Alice Stone Blackwell; a typescript by Elizabeth S. Rammel included a timeline of the Chicago Surrealist Group, personal reminiscences about the group and its members, biographical statements, and an autobiographical statement. Consists of personal memoirs, press clips, book excerpts, correspondence, talks/interviews, and blog snips documenting various states of political theorist and author Mark Stain's professional life and work ca. Subjects include Toronto-Anti-Draft Programme, Schilling, George Adam, 1850-1938.

Audiotapes contain discussions between Hans Ehrbar and Karl Held and Herbert Fertl dating from the early 1980s (Held and Fertl were important theoreticians of the organization at its beginnings). The collection contains primarily administrative materials surrounding the daily business of the Mattachine Society's Regional Council of Detroit, founded in 1957, which sought to actively organize Michigan homosexuals. Hitchcock on the women's movement and the Ford Peace Expedition, ca. Mrachnyi, a Russian immigrant anarchist, who at various times went by the surnames Clevans, Klavansky, and Mratchny, was editor of in the 1930s. Nungesser Hope for Humanity Papers, 1970-1989 comprise correspondence, drafts of unpublished and published manuscripts, ideas for research projects, family history material, publishers' contracts, placement files, and copies of his three books: (St. The papers reflect Nungesser's struggle against homophobia and particularly his battle with AIDS and coping with terminal illness.

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We started out by watching a video of the last song the Wood Street Players recorded before he went to jail back in 2000. They took me and did a gun residue test to see if I had shot a gun. WAPT is saying Frank is urging the justice department, feds, or U. Attorney to file civil rights charges against Batman. We should learn which stutute was violated after he tell them. Apparently, he thinks Badman has done something that violates civil rights statutes of the United States of America.

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